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combination of architecture and technology

architecture and technology

Building a contemporary spa facility requires the perfect symbiosis of architecture and technology. Our architectural department plans and implements demanding designs to the last detail. Our technology specialists provide a total technical design which meets your demands for comfort, luxury and energy efficiency. We will develop sustainable holistic solutions together. All from one source.

enegy and sustainability

We find the right technology for your perfect spa oasis. Heating, cooling and water technology are seamlessly combined. Proper technology provides a comfortable atmosphere for well-being. We provide a perfectly-tailored technical design. Efficient and sustainable energy production and storage make you independent of the energy market. We provide your independent energy supply.

water equipment

Water systems provide healthy and clean water. On one hand, solid and floating material is mechanically filtered; on the other hand, chemical water quality is continuously monitored and regulated. Modern equipment produces hygienic, pure water – without a chlorine smell. Many processes run completely automatically. Powerful pumps produce water circulation and provide a water attraction. An advanced control system is very easy to operate and reports if intervention is needed.

heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Fresh air, the right humidity and a comfortable temperature are essential to your well-being. Contemporary equipment fulfils the special requirements of an indoor pool and creates a cosy atmosphere. Component surfaces, air and water are comfortably controlled so that your stay in your indoor pool is a pleasure.

energy technology

Energy technology provides the energy for your operation. Heating and systems in a swimming pool require a good deal of energy. The entire system can be designed on the basis of regenerative, contemporary energy producers. Self-produced power and heat provides independence from energy utilities. A holistic design provides for ecological and economical sustainability of your spa facility.


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